How water affects our health

Water is regarded as one of the Primary Elements as accepted in many cultures all over the world. It is one of the sources of sustaining life.

Most of the historical civilizations were evolved along the source of water – typically rivers. People used to live close to the rivers to make use of the water for drinking, agriculture, washing etc. Over time mankind developed ways and means to maximize the river water usage by building dams across them.

Many religions prescribe the use of water to purify.

Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink !

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Water covers about three-fourths of the earth. Though it is available in abundance, only a portion of it can be used for drinking. Majority of the water in the earth is saline and cannot satisfy our thirst.

World water distribution

There is no other drink capable of subduing thirst like water. Our body needs about 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. However, this cant be applied for every one in general – it varies depending on the body type of different persons. We can identify the water requirement for our bodies by following some of the signals.

  • Feeling thirsty

Feeling thirsty is the first sign that our body is drained of water. But do not wait till you feel thirsty – always have a can of water within reach and drink frequently.

  • Dry or cracked lips

Cracks in our lips are an indication of water deficiency in our body. What our inside needs is clearly shown to us by our outside – this is rightly done by our lips. Understanding the reason for cracked lips, we should drink enough water to set right both the lips and our body.

  • Dark yellow urine

Color of our urine is a good indicator of the extent of water need of our body. If the urine is dark yellow in color, we should take lots of water. Light yellow colored urine is alright provided there is no foul smell. If there is foul smell, we have to drink more water.

  • Change in breathing

Normally, we inhale and exhale around 14 to 16 times in a minute. If our body is exhausted and needs water, our breathing is increased. Only drinking of water can alleviate this condition.

  • Frequent headache

Frequent headaches are a common symptom that our body needs more water. Drinking enough water lets us escape these headaches.

  • Sleeplessness

Some people suffer from sleeplessness during the night. We do not get a continuous, uninterrupted and content sleep. This is caused by the dryness in our body. Continuing long periods of water deficiency may lead to Insomnia. Drinking enough water lets us sleep peacefully and gives the body adequate rest.

  • Losing focus / concentration

If we need to complete any task, if is a must to give it our full concentration. If our body is screaming for water, it will not allow us to focus on anything. We should drink enough water to prepare our body to listen to our commands and achieve anything.

  • Constipation & Stomach ache

If we don’t drink enough water, it will cause constipation and stomach ache. The main reason for stomach ache is our body getting drained of water. Drinking water helps us prevent this condition.

  • Feeling hot

Water plays an important role in regulating our body temperature. Just like machinery operating for a long time, our body temperature rises without taking adequate water. Feeling hot and humid all the time is an indication to take water. If the condition does not improve even after drinking water, it is strongly advised to see a medical practitioner.

  • Wrinkles in skin

Appearance of wrinkles is based on our age. Flexibility of our skin can indicate the water need of our body. Pinch the back of your hand for 3 seconds. After that the skin should return to its original condition. If not, it is an indication of water deficiency.

Our body is made by majority of water. We need to give our body at least 6 glasses of water everyday to keep good health.

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